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What Our Programs Can Do For You

Consolidate all of your eligible debts into one affordable monthly payment

Reduce the cost of debt repayment by reducing or eliminating interest charges, late fees and over-the-limit fees.

Utilize our strategic creditor relationships to negotiate the quickest and most affordable monthly payment possible.

Provide easy to access reporting that shows how much progress you’ve made on debt repayment and how much you’ve saved by utilizing a debt relief program.

How Our Debt Relief Programs Are Different

We focus on educating each of our clients about the options available to them, given their specific financial situation, and letting them decide which debt solution is most suitable for their goals.

We find that empowering our clients with education and the ability to make great financial decisions, leads to better program success and higher rates of debt program graduation!

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CAPC Client Reviews

Debt can really spiral out of control, before you know it! Dealing with it was embarrassing and humiliating for me, but CAPC customer service represen-tatives have ALWAYS treated me with dignity, kindness and respect from the beginning of the process to the end. Everything was always handled in a professional and timely manner. Thanks for the amazing and encouraging customer service!

– Loretta B.

September 2021

I am very happy with your company. They always text me about my account updates and I am impressed with how hard they are working for me to settle my accounts with my creditors. They really do what they promise! Thanks!


– Susan N.

September 2021

I can’t say enough about this company and how it has helped me get out of debt! Excellent staff who really helped me understand the process and how the program works. I am still enrolled after 2 years and have paid most of my debt!


– Mike

August 2021

Honestly the easiest company I have worked with. Their interest rates are lower and fees are a fraction of what I’d be paying on my own. They are su-per flexible and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!


– Krystal

July 2021