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bbb accredited debt relief programs

” … The rep patiently and compassionately helped me work through my anxiety and encouraged me to do the right thing. Four years later, I completed the program and became debt-free … “

D.H. | BBB Review

consumers alliance processing reviews

I have been with them almost 2 years now and WOW!!!! I cannot believe how fast my credit card balances are going down!!!! I only have a bit over a year to go and my $11,000 debt will be entirely paid off!!! 

– Kirsten Joseph | Google Review

Debt can really spiral out of control, before you know it!  Dealing with it was embarrassing and humiliating for me, but CAPC customer service representatives have ALWAYS treated me with dignity, kindness and respect from the beginning of the process to the end. Everything was always handled in a professional and timely manner. Thanks for the amazing and encouraging customer service!

– Loretta B.

September 2021

I am very happy with your company. They always text me about my account updates and I am impressed with how hard they are working for me to settle my accounts with my creditors. They really do what they promise! Thanks!

– Susan N.

September 2021

I can’t say enough about this company and how it has helped me get out of debt! Excellent staff who really helped me understand the process and how the program works. I am still enrolled after 2 years and have paid most of my debt!

– Mike

August 2021

Honestly the easiest company I have worked with. Their interest rates are lower and fees are a fraction of what I’d be paying on my own. They are su-per flexible and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

– Krystal

July 2021

I would give this business 10 stars!! Five simply is not enough to express how awesome this company has been to me. I have never had to deal with anything like this and was worried about different companies not being helpful and shady but when I called this company they were so helpful it was unbelievable. They stayed in contact with me via my work email all day that way I could work and take care of my personal business at the same time. They were so quick to get all of my information together for me and still to this day email me within 30 minutes of me asking them a question. I officially feel like they are a part of my family and fully trust them with all of my information. I would strongly suggest this company to anyone. You can not go wrong with this company they are very knowledgeable and are always super sweet when I speak to them either via phone or email. I know that every has their own opinion just like I have mine but I fully believe after the month and a half of work that I have done with them and their amazing staff that if you have a bad taste in your mouth with this company that you need to ask yourself what “YOU” did wrong and not what this company did wrong. And to tie up my rant of how amazing this team is I would personally like to highlight/recognize a Mr. Oscar!! He has been my main point of contact for everything whether it fell under his department or not. He is absolutely amazing and I strongly advise again that anyone in need of this type of service call them and ask for Oscar.

– Tiffany G.


You helped me twice and made me feel I could do this. I did and I thank you.

– Donna M.


During my initial evaluation, the CAPC representative provided an objective outlook on my debt status and helped me clearly understand the program that CAPC offered. The rep patiently and compassionately helped me work through my anxiety and encouraged me to do the right thing. Four years later, I completed the program and became debt-free (with the exception of a house mortgage). The professionalism of this company far exceeded my expectations during those four years. It’s been two years since I paid off that debt through CAPC and I remain debt-free. I am immensely grateful to CAPC for helping me during a very stressful stretch of my life.

– D.H.

11/03/2017 | BBB Review

No improvement needed. I am extremely grateful for the service that you provide. You help me so much. Thank you!

– William J.


This company has been a great help in getting my debt down and my life back on track. The last debt management company I used went out of business never letting me know and stole my money creating a horrible mess that I had to clean up. Many thanks, keep up the great job.

– Judy M.


Thanks to Consumer Alliance, I am out from under about 35, 000. worth of credit card debt. It took me just over 4 years to pay them off; BUT, I did it!! Without CAPC, I don’t know that I could ever have done it. The money that they saved me on interest was the key! Any time that I’ve ever spoken with someone on the phone it has been wonderful. Kind, Professional and very helpful. Albert, the gentleman that I did the “exit interview” with was as excited as I was. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who finds themselves “over their heads” in debt. An absolute pleasure to work and it worked! Thank you, Consumer Alliance Processing Corporation.

– Peyton Ann T.

5/15/2017 | Google Review

Nothing I can add – very professional courteous representatives — best possible service. Keep up the great customer service – so rare these days.

– Robert G.


I have never written a review before but Consumers Alliance DEFINITELY deserves one!!! I have been with them almost 2 years now and WOW!!!! I cannot believe how fast my credit card balances are going down!!!! I only have a bit over a year to go and my $11,000 debt will be entirely paid off!!! First off, Teresa who enrolled me in the program was great!! She took the time to explain to me my options, and together, we decided a debt management program was the best way to go. Secondly…. not once have I encountered a late or missed payment!!! This is the best program ever!!!! Not to mention the customer service staff is AMAZING!!! They are always there to assist!! Thank you Consumers Alliance and I hope everyone knows how amazing you are!!!! The feeling of becoming debt free is indescribable!!!

– Kristen Joseph

3/22/2017 | Google Review

Just want to say how nice the staff always are and so knowledgeable about my account, couldn’t be more pleased !!! Great company!!!

– Christine L.


I have to admit, I’m impressed by your program and service. I had contacted both of these creditors individually a few months ago to explain the situation (an ill-advised authorized user abused their privileges and stuck me with $26k of their debt), and of all the affected accounts only these two would not put me on a closed-account payment plan. I wasn’t sure if you would be able to get them to budge, but you did and the results have been fantastic. The interest rates are a fraction of what they were, and the monthly payment is much more manageable. I really appreciate your help with this.

– Matthew A.


I was very pleased that there was no wait time on the phone. The first rep directed me to a more appropriate person to answer my question and when it went to voicemail she, Vanessa, called me right back and tried to reconnect me again and in this case, the connection was successful. I was able to receive exactly the information I needed so this was a very productive phone call.

– John S.


I will say that they are awesome. They helped me every way possible. Because of their help on my credit cards and getting them paid off, I now have a house in my name. That lady ( Lorena Renteria ) was very friendly and very professional. She should get 5 stars also!!

– Michelle Kelly

07/07/2017 | Facebook Review

Would recommend your services to anyone I knew with credit card debt. I am proud to be out of debt at the age of 60 and not live the rest of my life by credit cards. Thank you again.

– Sandra D.


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