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Consumers Alliance is a debt relief company, founded on the principal of helping struggling individuals and families overcome their financial hardship by helping them take control of their debt and establishing a plan to become debt free. Consumers Alliance is dedicated to offering financial education, first rate client service and continued support to our clients as they work towards achieving their goal for financial freedom.

Consumers Alliance was founded in 2004 by President Jo Ann Niffenegger. Before founding Consumers Alliance, Jo Ann was struggling with her own debt and discouraged by the hopelessness of the minimum payment trap. After researching debt relief and enrolling in a debt program, JoAnn experienced the benefit of utilizing debt relief services to negotiate better repayment terms with creditors, and embarked on her own journey of making this service available to others in need. That is how Consumers Alliance was created to be one of the top debt relief companies in the country. We can come up with the right debt repayment plan for you!


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Our certified credit counselors are trained to assess finances and debt and offer support and guidance in becoming financially responsible and help in managing money better in the future.  Our counselors will recommend a debt relief solution, help you enroll in your program and offer ongoing financial education and support.

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